Maaskant is a clear multidisciplinarian, able to splash around the exchange, chatting about everything and nothing: a gold miner, watching the stream drift past, while still completely alert enough to detect pattern and meaning. He brings this to his music and photography, panning for beauty: ideas, sounds, collaborators and time, scattered bits that wash through his hand and he catches a flash here, a twinkle there and builds delicate structures, held gently together, anchored in the familiar, almost traditional.

Maaskant is fully immersed in his home of Toronto, with his west-end studio, snuggled between the rail tracks, the chocolate factory and the historic but abandoned Tower Automotive Building (a building worth Googling, if beautiful architecture left to rot is your thing.) The neglected industrial setting, poised for a wave of rejuvenation, a little gentrification and certainly some espresso. For now, you can still find Matt and, just next door, Nicholas Murray and Rosina Kazi, the core members of LAL, musical defenders of the revolution, and a constant bustle of artists walking through the studio. In addition to contributing synth parts on Lal albums (and the remix & video for the single "Destroy Each Other") Maaskant has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with LAL for many years, as well as YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN (as well as PHOTOGRAPHING both bands), and folk artist Abigail Lapell, who's vocals are featured on the track 'Outside The Cave'. Most recently Maaskant had the pleasure of filming her video for the track 'Jordon'.

Just as on maaskant's 2011 release 'Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place', MURR (Nicholas Murray) collaborated on mixes and production elements for the 2013 full length album 'Outside The Cave'. The Berlin based label New Kanada released as a single Murr's mix of the track 'Outside The Cave' on vinyl, later releasing remixes by Sandro Perri and Ricardo Tobar. Next the label released on vinyl the track 'Memphis' by Adam Marshall featuring maaskant and the compilation album Ambient Parks which featured the original track 'Echolocation". In Sept 2014 New Kanada released the 3 song EP 'MERE OBLIVION' on both vinyl and digital, and most recently Maaskant's track 'Riss' appeared on Ambient Parks Vol 2.